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Compaq UPS

Compaq wanted a refresh of its design language as it was applied to their new line of UPS products. The bezels needed fresh industrial design backed by solid engineering for the challenging part design.

A line of units ranging from low to high end value was designed as a family of products that shared an aesthetic but were able to be distinct in character. The bold pattern of ribs allows a great deal of necessary air flow. We leveraged the distinct vertical ribbing of Compaq’s design language and contributed a multi-contour surface to add visual impact. The central control section acts as a grip for bezel removal and the highlight of the aesthetic language.

The bezel attaches to the chassis without fasteners. The interface is a combination of membrane switches and display and a snap-in elastomeric contact pad on injection molded spring arms molded into the translucent display with no mechanical parts.

The units are designed to stack on an extended run battery unit with a reverse bezel that completes the design as both a single or a stacked unit.

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