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Functional and/or Aesthetic prototypes are created using 3D printing processes or CNC machining.  Prototypes may be used for functional evaluation or marketing purposes.

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Research is conducted on :




User Research

Materials and Processes

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Multiple concepts are developed exploring component configurations, features, aesthetic variations, component mounting, assembly, user interfaces and manufacturing process options

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3D CAD is created that defines every detail of the custom design. All custom parts and assemblies are engineered in SolidWorks.  CAD data is always completely  production-ready for a smooth transition to manufacturing.

Common Phases in the Product Development process to get you the WIN!

 We walk with you through all the challenges of product development from beginning to end as advocates and encouragers.   We want to see your dream come alive!


Engineering drawings are created from the 3D data for technical definition and quality control for manufacturing.

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IDEA LOGIC helps our clients move through the manufacturing process by helping with sourcing, manufacturing troubleshooting, sample review and cost reduction.

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