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HydroHoist PWC Platform

Hydrohoist is the leader in boat lifts but they wanted designs that would establish their brand strength in the Personal Watercraft market.

The combination of innovative functional features such as entry rollers, bow rollers, a replaceable keel guide with distinctive aesthetic detailing make this unit a “stand out” in the industry.


Color choices were made that extend Hydrohoist’s brand recognition and reflect water sports. The distinctive grip texture also plays off the natural reference of moving water.  Form detailing agrees with aggressive watercraft styling and contributes to Hydrohoist's design language.


Easy to install and use. Entering and exiting requires little to no user strength.

Mounting brackets are designed to be robust, easy to install and indestructible plastic parts that are unaffected by abusive environments such as sea water. This design gets the most out of the molded part, not risking penetration the unit with fasteners. 

Trapped air under unit was maximized to get proper buoyancy for supporting a craft and its users, which also facilitates stacking and nesting of the units for storage and transport.


Hydrohoist’s sales for this category increased by a huge margin due to the captivating design and user benefits.

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