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Kids II Platforms

Kids II had a fantastic idea for a new concept in Baby Activity Centers but did not have the internal resources to engineer the product and optimize it for manufacturing in time to take advantage of their business opportunity. 

As a trusted development partner on multiple products IDEA LOGIC was able to work with Kids II’s team to optimize the design for manufacture. Stability and child safety were key issues in deriving the plan for the assembly. The design was a hybrid of factory assembly and end user assembly. The design saves labor for operations on the factory floor as well as making the assembly simple and obvious for the user on the living room floor.

The child’s experience is all about motion. The design allows for full access all around or the parent can choose to limit motion to a certain center. 

Multiple plastic manufacturing processes were employed on the product in order to maximize the benefit to cost ratio and get the most features for the dollar. 

The design is adjustable to varying heights and also has the capability of becoming a freestanding busy center for older kids with the seat assembly removed. 

The seat assembly is secured to the column via a safety latch. This feature was designed to spin freely and still be easy and intuitive to remove or reattach. 

Our expertise was engaged to address the proper tolerances of an assembly of blow molded and injection molded parts that must assemble and work together seamlessly.

The base is user-assembled with quarter turn snap features that lock in place and make it quick and easy for the parent. The Industrial Designers at Kids II love us because they know that we will not compromise their design intent for the purposes of engineering. 

Our comprehensive approach allows us to take advantage of our wealth of knowledge and experience to yield a product that is fanciful yet robust, quality yet cost effective. 

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